SB Document Scanning & Imaging prides itself on following proven procedures to guarantee that your document scanning project is done correctly. We do not take short cuts.

Information Gathering
The very first step is to find out the size of your document archive. We can work together to see if you want to digitize your backfile archive and/or your day forward new documents. We would like to know what size documents you have, the estimate volume, the condition of the paper, how they are organized, and what type of preparation work needs to be performed to get ready to scan. At this first stage, we will talk about file formats, indexing, options, and we can give you an estimated price quote. We can discuss if you are local and if we can have an onsite visite or if you just want to send a sample for us to scan.

Pick Up or Delivery
We can come and pick up your files. Many clients will give us a few boxes at a time. Some feel more comfortable organizing and logging what we pick up. Otherwise, clients who are outside of our area will send boxes to us.

Before you officially begin your project, we will e-mail or upload sample files. This is a proof of concept for you to approve. No surprises or bait-and-switch. If, during the course of scanning your project, we encounter pages which are of poorer quality than the sample, we will show them to you.

Paper Preparation
This is a labor intensive, yet necessary phase of document scanning. We must remove staples, tape, and paperclips before running the paper through our scanners. We need to take paper out of manila folders. Documents are organized by size to avoid smaller pages being combined with larger ones, or missed. We keep batches or folders separately so your separate files do not get accidentally merged.

The document scanning phase is where the magic happens. We will digitize your paper into TIFFs or PDFs. We can scan black & white or color. We can create multi-pages based on folders or single pages within batch folders.

Quality Control
We perform real-time quality control. Every folder and page will be examined while scanning. If we see an improper paper feed, we will fix immediately. No saving for “later”.

Depending on your requirements, we will key and name the folders and files. This can be folder names, account numbers, company names, or whatever fields you need.

Final Quality Assurance
We will double check to make sure all your paper was scanned, and the accuracy of the indexing.

Copy to Media 
Images can be copied to USB flash drives, external drives, DVDs, CDs, or uploaded, depending on your needs.

If you are local, we can deliver shipments. Otherwise we will send them to you.